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January 20
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Sombra of the Frozen North by ShwiggityShwah Sombra of the Frozen North by ShwiggityShwah
I just always liked Sombra, so this is him without Armor, braving the Frozen North.

You never know, he might still be alive, biding his time…

His evil lead him to rule as a tyrant king for an unknown amount of time.  He can banish a kingdom for 1000 years.  Ponies were so terrified of him that they couldn't even remember their hell and he's the only villain that was not destroyed by his own pride.  Had he been just a little sooner in breaking that barrier, all would have been lost.

He was a force of nature, an avatar of fear.  He didn't need to say anything… he was a monster… nothing less.

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Oooooh, I love it. :D
I thought he was a very good Villain, the only thing is that I have issue with is how everyone paints him poorly, he was trapped in an ice prison for over 1000 years in a gaseous state all alone unable to escape. How long do you think it was before Cabin Fever set in? Given what happened to him I think his mind was the first to go, he was almost running on pure instinct. Given that and what he did in the past both in therms of taking over a kingdom like a Nazi, (I dare not think of what he did to them and the kind of horrors he inflicted on the crystal ponies that could even reach the same levels as what happened in those interment camps,) and setting up traps to prevent anyone/anypony from finding and getting the crystal heart. Think of it, if any one of those traps had worked and spike had not been there, what would have happened? I also point out that given the time and age Sombra was from, it isn't impossible to think that he only considered the lone adventure type to come knocking on his door. I bet he planed for just Luna or Celsista to come for him, but I don't think he considered both.
This just looks Awesome!!!
Only thing keeping him alive is his hatred for Twilight and the rest; and his thirst for revenge.
oh my poor love don't worry i am coming
amazing...did we ever learned what his cutie mark was?
That why I like him. the most cruellest villain in mlp, not to mention the cool dark magic thingy!
I really hope he make a return,or at least show his background story.
Enjoy your harmony and peace while it lasts, my little day...he will be back...bigger and stronger than before...LONG LIVE THE KING! :evillaugh:
ScopeEva Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Huh, pretty slick.  I never really like the way some people brush him off as OC villain put into the show. 
He inspired fear in the heart of all crystal ponies, who are we to say they didnt deserve it?
He ruled an empire so vast and powerful that the two princesses feared for their own, after all, Discord, Chrysalis and even the griffons could not stand agaisnt it, trully Sombra was the king of kings, and he will have his revenge.
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